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Birding Tour

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Experience the Bird Tour in Wrightsville Beach, NC: Explore Avian Delights and Natural Beauty!


Get on a remarkable birdwatching adventure aboard the Carolina Runner, where expert birders will guide you through the South End of Wrightsville Beach, Masonboro, and the neighboring salt marshes. Discover a variety of seabirds and nesting habitats as knowledgeable guides educate you about the numerous bird species that inhabit these coastal areas. Weather permitting, you may even have the opportunity to get and explore the shore with the guide, ensuring that all guests, regardless of mobility, can partake in this extraordinary experience.

Get on an unforgettable bird tour aboard the Carolina Runner and get ready to be amazed by the abundance of seabirds and nesting habitats that grace the South End of Wrightsville Beach, Masonboro, and the neighboring salt marshes. Led by expert birders, this guided tour promises an immersive educational experience, where guests will learn about and identify numerous species that frequent these coastal areas.

As you sail through the picturesque waters, the captain may decide to approach the shore, offering you the unique opportunity to get alongside the guide via the vessel’s convenient ramp or ladder. This up-close encounter with the shoreline allows you to explore the diverse habitats and observe the birds in their natural environment. Don’t worry if you have mobility issues; the crew warmly welcomes guests who prefer to stay aboard and enjoy the tour from the comfort of the vessel.

The knowledgeable birding experts will be at your side throughout the tour! Sharing fascinating insights about the various bird species you encounter. From the captivating seabirds soaring above the waves to the intricate nesting habits of the local avian residents, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the delicate balance of nature and the importance of preserving these habitats. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join the crew of the Carolina Runner for an enriching bird tour, where education, exploration, and a genuine passion for avian wonders converge. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Wrightsville Beach’s birdlife and create lasting memories of this remarkable adventure.